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Current manual monitoring practice outside the ICU doesn’t reveal clinical deterioration

Current monitoring of vital signs (blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation etc.) is insufficient

Major surgery and acute medical disease entail substantial risk of complications and death 

Manual monitoring is too infrequent to detect clinical deterioration 

Manual data interpretation cannot capture trends and combination of several physiological parameters


of patients experience severe adverse events after abdominal cancer surgery (incl. pneumonia, sepsis, myocardial infarction & cardiac arrest)


Postoperative complications are the 3rd leading cause of death


Only 5% of the serious cases of hypoxia, are detected by routine EWS measurements

Using AI to monitor patients with WARD 24/7

Advanced AI algorithms interpret standard vital sign patterns from standard wireless sensors
and detect deterioration earlier in realtime

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Meet the digital health start-up: WARD 24/7

Meet the digital health start-up: WARD 24/7

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AI will help nurses monitor corona patients

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WARD247 wins the Heyfunding Price 2020

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Our team

Helge Bjarup Dissing Sørensen
Assoc. Professor MSc, PhD
Founder & CTO
Christian S. Meyhoff
Founder & CMO
Eske K. Aasvang
Assoc. Professor MD DMSc
Founder & CRDO
Betina Langemark
Co-founder & CEO

Our academic alliance

We are a partner in the WARD Clinical Support System - an InnovationFund Denmark supported Grand Solution project. WARD Clinical Support System have received 5+ mio. € funding from InnovationFund Denmark, Danish Regions, Novo Nordic Foundation, Danish Cancer Society, Copenhagen Center for Health Technology, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital, Technical University of Denmark, Rigshospitalet, Radiometer, Isansys, AP Møller "Foundation"